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Need to accomplish regular maintenance, structural modification, or conversion on your aircraft? Then you’re in the right place!

Thanks to our collaboration with our experienced engineering team, we offer regular maintenance for all ultralights, including prototypes. We offer modernisation and repair services to breathe new life into your aircraft. We have accomplished all that on aircraft such as Jodel D.11, Airlony Highlander, Friendship 3, Echo P92, and others! Our mechanics have also handled maintenance during the flight tests phase for the F2 aircraft certified under the CS-23 category by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).

Friendship 3

This aircraft was designed and built under our chief engineer, Marek Ivanov. It first took flight in 2012 and has returned to us after several years for overhaul maintenance and a few modifications. One of the main modifications was to change the main landing gear from a single-wheel to a dual-wheel configuration with a composite spring leg integrated into the fuselage. Another upgrade was the fuel system redesign with two tanks and braided Teflon hoses. As the airspaces continue to expand, having a tablet with navigation is essential. Therefore, we modified the instrument panel to include a fan in the tablet holder location. Of course, new interior upholstery and paint matching the wheel disc colour were necessary, as details matter. Additionally, we increased the maximum take-off weight, which required installing a new rescue system. The aircraft is currently in its final stage of completion, and after flight testing, we will deliver it to its owner in France.


Tento SONG se nám dostal do rukou po té co ho odtržený stoupavý proud vynesl až 4 m nad zem a po pádu byl poškozen. Pravé křídlo a výškové kormidlo bylo vážně poškozeno a proto bylo nutné tyto díly vyměnit za nové. Po vyrobení, napasování nového křídla a výškového kormidla naši mechanici na letadle provedly prohlídku, abychom si před záletem byli jistí, že je letadlo v pořádku. Jak proběhl zálet už uvidíte ve videu níže.

Tecnam P92 Echo

This aircraft is close to the heart of us, but for others, it’s just regular maintenance. Several of our engineers completed their ultralight pilot training on this aircraft under the instructor Vladimir. When it was time for an extensive overhaul, we were honoured to help our colleague and friend bring the aircraft back to its prime condition. The process involved:

  • Stripping down the paint to the bare metal.
  • Installing new fuel tanks.
  • Reupholstering the entire interior.
  • Fitting a rescue parachute system with custom-made strap covers.
  • Installing new plexiglass.
  • Completing the aircraft assembly.

Every aircraft requires regular maintenance during operation, including revising the rescue system. As two of the three world-renowned rescue system manufacturers are based in the Czech Republic, our customer asked us to remove and change the rescue system to be permitted to fly in the next six years. This procedure also included a 100/annual inspection of the entire aircraft.

Airlony Highlander

The Highlander is a two-seater ultralight aircraft produced and developed by Czech company AirLony in 1998. After an almost complete overhaul, which involved structural modifications and structure calculation of the wing attachments, fuel system replacement, installation of Lycoming engine with oil system modifications, new engine cowling, wing fairing production, and other minor adjustments, the aircraft is back in operation, and you can spot it in the Czech sky since 2022.

Jodel D.112 – No. 2

Another Jodel? Yes, this time it’s no different, and we have once again acquired a highly esteemed Jodel with a unique history. Although it doesn’t have a historical story like the first one, it possesses something exceptional. This Jodel has the registration F-BMAN and gained fame by appearing in books, three-view drawings, and encyclopaedias. This prominent presence was the primary motivation for our customer to purchase another Jodel and entrust us with its modifications. In the meantime, they sold the first Jodel, now bringing joy to its new owners.

The modifications on this Jodel follow the same spirit as the first one, with differences in colour scheme, upholstery, and avionics, making them an impressive duo!

Training Camp in Jihlava

We always strive to improve. As one team. Before the upcoming busy season, we had another training camp with our French coach Loic.

Flying Wheelchair Users – Aves Bohemica

Did you know that the Sparrow aircraft also exists in a fully hand-controlled version, making it one of the few in the Czech Republic approved for handicapped pilots?

Children’s Day and Open Day

On the last Saturday of May, the airport in Jaroměř (LKJA) opened its doors not only to children, and of course, we were there!

Jodel D.112 – No. 1

Jodel D.112 is a top-rated French aircraft manufactured in several variants since 1950, with over 3000 aircraft produced. Unfortunately, most are slowly becoming obsolete and out of service. We received a unique Jodel with an exciting history and a request to modify it to make it fly again. We began the rebuild by installing the popular Rotax 912 engine, followed by a new landing gear designed by our engineers. Other necessary modifications included instrument replacement, engine cowling, installation of a parachute rescue system, and new ceconite cover of the structure, among other minor adjustments. After completing the final assembly and a comprehensive inspection, the aircraft was test flown by our test pilot.

Check videos from the flight of green-white Jodel here: https://www.youtube.com/@gilleswe/videos

History of Jodel D.112 – No. 1

Gilbert Sardier was a young pilot during World War I, with only a few victories in aerial combat. One day, while he was dogfighting and aiming at a German aircraft only 100 meters before him, a French SPAD plane flew before his NIEUPORT and successfully shot down the German aircraft from a very close range. Gilbert managed to read the inscription „le vieux Charles“ written on the right side of the SPAD’s fuselage, which disappeared immediately after the victory.

The following night, Gilbert was contacted by the French pilot from the SPAD plane, who turned out to be Georges Guynemer! They became very close friends, and Georges explained to Gilbert his tactics for shooting down enemy aircraft. From that moment on, Gilbert started recording his victories and collecting medals. After the war, Gilbert Sardier was instrumental in establishing several aero clubs in central France and also contributed to the creation of the French Aeronautics Federation.

In the 1950s, he ensured that many Jodel D112 aircraft were used in flight schools for pilot training. In 1954, Jodel F-PEVF serial number 275 was built for the Aulnat Aeroclub in Auvergne, where Gilbert Sardier was the director. This is why one of the owners of this Jodel wrote „le vieux Charles“ on the side of the fuselage, as seen in the pictures. Unfortunately, it was broken during a storm and has been lost in the hangar for many years.
Where to Find Us?

Our maintenance centres are located at Hradec Králové Airport (LKHK) and Jaroměř Airport (LKJA). If you are interested in our work or have any questions, please get in touch with us!