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Lukáš Pařízek, Petr Jonáš a Jan Jílek. Three guys – rivals, but friends – one Extra 330 SC, a shared desire to be the best and follow in the footsteps of famous Czech and Czechoslovak aerobatic pilots. That‘s us, the Future Vehicles Aerobatic Team. Remember our names well, because you‘ll hear about us! The idea of ​​forming a team was born in 2020, with the aim of acquiring our own acrobatic aircraft suitable for the Unlimited category, which would be difficult for individuals to obtain. In April 2021, we found it. Flying in a team, although not common in our country, provides us with many advantages. Each of us is unique in something, and with a healthy competitive environment, it gives all members the opportunity to keep pushing forward and become better! This season, we are competing in the Unlimited and Advanced categories.

Members of our team:
Lukáš Pařízek

The most experienced member of our team, who initiated the idea of its establishment. Competes in the Unlimited category, Lukáš was born in 1990, in Vrchlabí. Although he has been fascinated by airplanes since childhood, he found his way to them in 2015 when he obtained his PPL and SPL pilot licenses. The following year, he literally threw himself into it ¨head first¨ and began to fully dedicate himself to aerobatic flying, both powered, under the guidance of Jirka Duras in Karlovy Vary, and glider, under the guidance of Miloš Ramert in Benešov. Due to time constraints, he eventually decided to fully devote himself only to powered aerobatics. He is currently a member of the Czech national team. And what are his goals? To win the World Championship in the Unlimited category and impress in such a way to get a chance to participate in the Red Bull Air Race competition!

world Championship
European Championship
Czech championship
national competitions
Petr Jonáš

Like Lukáš, he is also a member of the Czech national team. He got into flying through a somewhat unconventional path, through simulators. Then came his first flight in a motorized glider, along with a passion for the rest of his life. Aviation became both his hobby and his job. He first obtained a glider pilot license, then moved on to ultralight aircraft, and that was just a small step towards a PPL license, which was soon complemented by an acrobatic endorsement. From the beginning of his aviation career, he has been involved in various competitions such as precision flying, air rallies (in which he became a world champion), navigation competitions, and of course, aerobatics! Petr's original goal was the Intermediate category, but after becoming the national champion in that category, he realized that this was just the beginning and he wants to go further! This year, he will compete with Lukáš in the Unlimited category!

world Championship
European Championship
Czech championship
national competitions
Jan Jílek

He currently competes in the Advanced category. Jan is a true sportsman in body and soul, who has been captivated by aviation in every way! He started out on a powered paraglider, following in his father's footsteps, when he was barely 16. Later, his hobby was joined by his professional career - studying and working on aircraft development. With a desire to fly planes he builds, he obtained a pilot's license for ultralight aircraft. However, he soon realized that maneuvers, forbidden for ultralight aircraft, attracts him the most. And so, he began with a training for a PPL and shortly thereafter, became his first acrobatic flight with Jirka Duras in Karlovy Vary. Immediately upon landing, he knew that this is the path he want to pursue! In 2020, he finished in 2nd place at the Czech Republic Championship, talked to Lukáš, and they came up with the idea of buying their own full-fledged racing aircraft.

world Championship
European Championship
Czech championship
national competitions
Jiří Duras
Coach – Sportsman and Intermediate category

Jirka is a long-time aerobatics coach and experienced judge. He started his career at the airport in Karlovy Vary in 1965 as a parachutist. He started with flying in the early 70s, fell in love with aerobatics right during the training, and the direction of his aviation journey became more then clear. He began to fly with Zlín 226, 526, and single-seater 526AFS aircraft and participate in competitions. However, he realized that he is more drawn to teaching than competing. In 1987, Jiří became the coach of the B-team of the Czech Republic at the Karlovy Vary airport. Even these days, he continues to coach young, promising pilots, and hundreds of them have already passed through his hands. He also contributes to the development of a training aerobatic special, providing valuable advice to the design team, especially on issues related to pilot ergonomics.

Jaromír Čihák
Coach – Intermediate and Advanced category

Jára started actively competing in powered aerobatics in 2013, and now competes in the Advanced category with an Extra 300L airplane as a member of the Czech national team. He helped us to move from the Intermediate to the Advanced category, where we became his direct competitors. He devotes incredible effort and his free time to team training and also serves as a team mentor. As an IT expert, he brings innovative technologies and methods that help us to improve the training and make it more efficient. He also actively participates in the training of judges in the Czech Republic, and helps to build friendly relationships between judges and pilots at the international level. d Járomír´s greatest aviation achievements undoubtedly include the "Golden Hat Trick". He became the Czech Republic champion in the Advanced category three times in a row in 2018, 2019, and 2020! And as he said: "And then the guys grew up!

Loïc Lovicourt
Coach – Advanced and Unlimited category

Loïc is a modest, successful French pilot and member of the French national team. He competes in the Unlimited category and also coaches in the Advanced and Unlimited categories. He works as an air traffic controller, and still finds some time to fly to the Czech Republic for a few days several times a year and helps to push each of us a little further.

He has many achievements to his name, both from international and domestic competitions. He holds 3 gold medals from the World Championships in the Advanced category, as well as 5 silver and 1 bronze medal from the European Championships in the same category. From domestic competitions, we can name for example 1st place in the French Open (French Championship) in the Unlimited category.

Jan Červený

Jan is very comfortable with airplanes, he is a true pilot at heart and soul! He started his aviation career as a glider pilot and then gradually moved from ultralight airplanes to "adult" airplanes, while also becoming an aircraft mechanic at Air Mega service at Jaroměř airport. In his free time, he mainly flies in the aeroclub in Jaroměř. He is a passionate glider pilot, tow pilot, and instructor. He also started with powered aerobatics, so he understands us and knows that having our Extra in perfect condition is the most important thing for us! He is one of the key people, ensuring that all in the team runs smoothly!


Without her, it wouldn't be possible! She is the one who created our team and constantly pushes us forward! Under the hood, she has a six-cylinder Lycoming AEIO-580-B1A engine with a power of 315 horsepower, which spins a four-bladed MT-Propeller MTV-14-B-C. It can easily withstand overloads of 10 G.

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If you attend any of the events listed below, you will definitely find us there with our Extra! We believe that our calendar will continue to fill up, and we look forward to seeing you there!
27. - 30. 4.Most

Mostecký pohár - setkání přátel letecké akrobacie 2023 (25. ročník)

25. - 28. 5.Toužim

Karlovarský pohár v akrobacii letounů 2023 (30. ročník)

3. 6.JaroměřDětský den na letišti Jaroměř
14. - 17. 6. Jindřichův HradecMistrovství ČR v akrobacii letounů
17. 6. ChotěbořSoutěž o pohár starosty ve Freestyle akrobacii
24. 6. RoudniceAirshow
19. 8.TřebihošťAirshow
9. 9.StrakoniceLetecký den
15. - 17. 9.HosínHosínský pohár v akrobacii letounů 2023
29. - 30. 9.RakovníkRakovnický pohár v akrobacii letounů 2023

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Visit of Young Scouts from Hlinsko

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