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A cockpit with a perfect view and a focus on ergonomics, a rescue parachute system, and the joy of flying with the option to switch off the engine and soar on updrafts like in a glider, all in an aircraft with an empty weight of up to 120 kg? Yes, all of this is offered by the SONG aircraft, which was designed by Ing. Marek Ivanov, the engineer who is standing behind the DINGO aircraft.

Future Vehicles s.r.o. took over the production and sales of the aircraft at the end of 2021 based on an agreement with GRAMEX.

SONG is a single-seater low-wing ultralight aircraft with a pusher engine and tricycle gear equipped with spring-loaded nose gear. The nose gear is steerable. SONG is designed according to the Czech regulation UL-2 and compliant with the requirements of the German regulation LTF-L 120 kg, the American FAR part 103, and the British SSDR. The aircraft is aerodynamically and structurally optimized and made of carbon composite materials, to minimize empty weight. It has a distinctive twin-fuselage silhouette with the elevator located between the twin fins. The 11,2-meter wingspan wing is equipped with ailerons and air brakes.

The comfortable cockpit is closed with a plexiglass canopy with a ventilation window on the left side. The seat is equipped with a 4-point safety harness and adjustable back seat. The control stick is located in the center and the throttle and air brakes control levers on the left side. The ailerons are connected to the stick by push-pull rods, and both the elevator and rudder are controlled by „push-pull“ Bowden cables. The rudders are interconnected by a push-pull rod. The pedals have multiple positions and can be adjusted according to the pilot’s needs. The 25 liter fuel tank is located in the left wing, while the right wing provides a luggage compartment with access from the cabin.

One of the huge advantages of the SONG aircraft is its low requirements for hangar space. Thanks to a simple wing-to-fuselage connection system, known mainly from glider design, the SONG aircraft can be transported or stored disassembled and assembled for flight in less than 20 minutes!

The SONG aircraft is delivered as „ready to fly,“ meaning you just need to assemble it, and you’re ready to take off! 

Technical Specification

Wingspan 11,2 m36,75 ft
Wing area 9,9 m2106,56 ft2
Length 5,63 m18,47 ft
Elevator span 1,84 m6,04 ft
Elevator area 1,1 m211,84 ft2
Empty weight 120 kg264,56 lbs
Max take-off weight 235 kg518,09 lbs
Fuel tank capacity 25 l6,6 gal (US)
Average fuel consumption 5 l/h1,32 gal (US)/h
Maximum load factor +4 G / -2 G+4 G / -2 G


Vne – Max. never exceed speed 137 km/h74 kt
Max. cruise speed at 7800 ot/ min 115 km/h62 kt
Cruise speed at 7000 ot/ min 90 km/h49 kt
Stall speed Vso 58 km/h31 kt
Glide ratio measured during flight tests is 1:14.


The SONG aircraft is equipped with a pusher two-stroke water-cooled Polini Thor 303 engine with 38 hp and a fixed pitch carbon composite E-Props propeller.


Primary Instrument: LX Saluswww.lxnavigation.com

Engine Instrument: Fly Henry – www.flyhenry.cz

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