Mostecký pohár - setkání přátel letecké akrobacie 2023 (25. ročník)

Our acrobatic team has completed the first competition of this season!
1. Lukas Pařízek
2. Petr Jonáš

1. Jan Sobotka
2. Jan Jílek
3. Joachim Weinbrenner

1. Luděk Prda

You can find very nice photos taken by Miloš Jenčík HERE.

Thanks to all the judges and organizers, Czech Aeroclub, and our partners:


Future Vehicles team

Microlight Flying - March 2023

A new article about the DINGO aircraft has just been released in Microlight Flying magazine! You can read it on pages 8 and 9.

Enjoy reading,

Future Vehicles team

News from the United Kingdom
Interest in the Dingo in the UK is growing. The BMAA publishes a monthly online newsletter called Microlight Flying eNews, and this month’s issue has an article on the Dingo. Anyone can sign up to receive the newsletter at
This is the text of the article:-
Dingo delight
ROB Hughes (no, not our glorious leader, another one) does his UK flying in a C42, but after a visit to the Czech Republic and a flight in the Future Vehicles SSDR Dingo, he fell in love and ordered a kit immediately.
When it’s built, he’ll write a report for MF, but in the meantime, here’s the promotional video, and a flight by Red Bull stunt pilot Jan Rudzinskyj.
“The common factor when anyone flies the Dingo is a big grin. It’s a return to the original light end of microlight flying, but with modern technology and techniques; real seat-of-the-pants stuff. As soon as I landed, I knew I had to get one,” said Rob.
The lovely Dingo SSDR. One’s on its way to the UK for Rob Hughes (photo – Jiri Sofilkanic)

Author: Robert Hughes

DINGO - A unique aircraft for true aviator enthusiasts

… this is the video title where Jan Rudzinskyj who is the aerobatic pilot in The Flying Bulls – aerobatics team and true aviator enthusiast introduces DINGO!

The video contains EN subtitles. Please, for automatic subtitles open the video on youtube or you can show subtitles on the video bar.

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Future Vehicles team

Magazine - Pilot 1/2023

You can find and read a very interesting article in this magazine describing the feeling of flying with DINGO!

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Future Vehicles team

Those who couldn’t wait can watch the video that’s been created during the conversation about DINGO with Vojtěch Šaman and Kamil Večeřa from LAA ČR.

Play video HERE

Jan Klepal and Tomáš Trojánek are the team behind the DINGO, who have dreamed of building their own biplane for years. They chose a very interesting black and red colour scheme for the aircraft, which highlights the shape of the plane. Discussions about the engine choice eventually led them to Italian manufacturer Polini, where they ordered a Thor 303 with a manual „Flash starter“ with a power of 38 hp. The four-blade propeller, on the other hand, came from France from the company E-Props.

DINGO will be home at RC model airfield with the length of runway 100.
Enjoy DINGO!

Future Vehicles Team

PF 2023

Future Vehicles team wishes you a peaceful and merry Christmas. Vacation time joyfully spent with your family and a successful flight into next year 2023!

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