Friendship 3 in a New Look
The ultralight aircraft designed and manufactured under the leadership of our chief engineer Marek Ivanov in 2012 – Friendship 3.

Perhaps you’ve already heard of it? Over the past 11 years, it has logged almost 600 flight hours, and now it has returned to us from France with a request for a major overhaul and rebuilt.

What were the requested modifications? The original single-wheel main landing gear with support wheels under the wings was replaced with a two-wheel undercarriage attached to composite legs, bonded to the fuselage. Winglets were added to the wings. Another design change was the modification of the fuel system, replacing fuel tanks located in the mid wing with a main tank behind the rear seat and additional tank in front of the front seat. The maximum takeoff weight was also increased to 600 kg, necessitating the installation of a new Stratos 601 parachute rescue system. The owner’s additional request was the installation of a tablet with navigation, leading to the modification of the instrument panel and the incorporation of a fan in the tablet mounting location.

As part of our work, we also replaced the interior upholstery and repainted the aircraft in an impressive red color, matching the wheels‘ new discs.

After completing the technical work, our colleague Honza took over the aircraft and conducted flight tests.

We thank the owner for the opportunity to continue our work and believe that he will be satisfied with all the changes, and that our Friendship will continue to bring him joy!

Below, you can watch a video of the aircraft’s conversion and test flight.

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