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Have you dreamed of flying since childhood? Do you fly already but wish to improve your skills and thus increase flight safety? Or are you looking for an affordable place with a friendly team where you can fly all year round?

Then you are in the right place! Our flight school is an officially approved center for ultralight aircraft pilot training. Your safety will be ensured by our instructors with extensive experience, for example, from top aerobatic competitions or flight tests of aircraft prototypes.

What Can We Offer You?

We provide comprehensive ultralight aircraft pilot training, including theory, training to obtain qualifications for controlled VFR flights, advanced training for international flights, group flying, takeoffs, and landings from short airstrips in crosswinds, aircraft rental for your trips, and most importantly, safety. Our instructors approach each student individually, with the goal of teaching them to fly safely!

Theoretical Instruction

First, our instructors and colleagues, the aeronautical engineers will introduce you to the necessary basics of aerodynamics, flight mechanics, aircraft construction, meteorology, navigation, aviation regulations, and everything else needed for the safe handling of your flight practice.

Practical Training

Practical training will begin during the theory, following the prescribed syllabus. First, you will learn to perform gentle turns, climbs, descents, and flights at minimum speeds. Then you will practice takeoffs, circuit flights, and landings. Further training will cover handling emergency situations and practicing emergency landings. Once we are confident that you can handle everything safely, we will allow you to undertake your first solo flight! After solo flights, we will continue with navigation flights along pre-determined routes with landings at the destination airport. The entire training syllabus prescribes at least 20 flight hours, which is the minimum time required by regulations. However, it always depends on each student’s individual abilities.

Controlled VFR Flight Qualification

Do you want to plan your routes without avoiding controlled airspace and large airports? Continue with us to expand your qualification for controlled VFR flights. We will explain what it entails and how a flight in controlled airspace works, how and where to submit a flight plan, and under the supervision of our instructor, you will try two landings and takeoffs from an international controlled airport.

Advanced Training for International Flights

Would you like to fly abroad but are unsure what to expect? Fly with us and discover the beauty of other countries, even coastal ones like Croatia, where you can already fly without customs clearance! The sky’s the limit. Just choose any destination and contact us to arrange the details. Before the flight, we will thoroughly discuss everything on the ground, study the regulations in different countries, make precise navigational preparations, and submit a flight plan. You will then try the flight under the supervision of our instructor.

Group Flying

Do you know the rules and principles of group flying? Every year, several tragic accidents occur worldwide during group flights. Most of them could be prevented with theoretical and practical preparation. If group flying appeals to you and you would like to try it, feel free to bring a few friends and contact us—we have three aircraft available. We will explain the theoretical principles and conduct several practical flights together.

Advanced Training for Takeoffs and Landings at Short Airstrips and in Crosswinds

From our experience at airfields, we know that many pilots take great risks by exceeding the limits of their aircraft, especially the minimum runway length needed for takeoff, and by underestimating weather conditions. We will explain the risks involved in such behavior without proper training, and then you will try takeoffs and landings from a shorter ultralight airstrip and takeoffs and landings in crosswinds on both asphalt and grass runways under the supervision of our instructor.

Where Do We Fly From?

Our flight school is based at the public domestic airport in Hradec Králové (LKHK), which allows us to fly all year round. We also operate from the airports in Jaroměř (LKJA) and Mladá Boleslav (LKMB).

What Do We Fly?

We primarily fly aircraft of the Sparrow ML type, which we participated to develop. The Sparrow ML is a two-seater aircraft in a tandem arrangement with a propeller in a pusher configuration, providing excellent visibility from the cockpit. It is powered by a Rotax 912 engine with 100 HP. The aircraft boasts excellent flight characteristics, a cruising speed of 180 km/h, and is equipped with a rescue parachute system.

For pilots with physical disabilities

Did you know that the Sparrow aircraft is one of the few in the Czech Republic adapted and approved for pilots with physical disabilities? Yes, we can also fulfill the dreams of people who are dependent on a wheelchair for some reason. Thanks to the spacious car-type doors located in front of the wing, boarding the aircraft is not a problem, and the controls are fully adapted for hand-only operation.

How Much Does It Cost?

The price of one flight hour is 2,580 CZK without VAT. Each aircraft is equipped with a recording device from FID Avionics, which measures the actual time spent in the air, from takeoff to landing. We do not count taxiing time, so you can warm up the engine and perform check lists without worry. Flight time is charged by the minute and invoiced after the flights, every 14 days. Thanks to the connection of FID Avionics with Flight Office online, you always have an easy overview of your flight hours and can also reserve a flight for the desired date in the calendar.

How to Begin?

If you are interested in our offer, do not hesitate to contact us:

Phone: +420 731 496 787

Email: roman.ivanov@futurevehicles.eu

Chat here on the website.

Training Camp in Jihlava

We always strive to improve. As one team. Before the upcoming busy season, we had another training camp with our French coach Loic.

Flying Wheelchair Users – Aves Bohemica

Did you know that the Sparrow aircraft also exists in a fully hand-controlled version, making it one of the few in the Czech Republic approved for handicapped pilots?