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We are a team of professionals with over 25 years of experience in development, primarily in the aviation industry. We have been involved in the development of more than 30 aircraft, gyros, helicopters, and VTOLs in various categories, including Microlight (FAR part 103), Ultralight & Light Sport Aircraft (UL-2, LSA), up to Normal (CS-23, FAR part 23), Helicopters (CS-27, FAR part 27), and VTOL. You can find a comprehensive list of our projects in our company portfolio.  

Thanks to our flexible team, we can offer complete services from development through prototype manufacturing and initial flight tests to certification, load & flight tests up to the following categories CS-23, FAR part 23 category. 

Furthermore, we can also join your ongoing project at any stage and assist you in its completion or work on specific parts, from conceptual design, detailed design to certification: 

1. Conceptual Design

– Aircraft / VTOL / Gyro / Helicopter definition and description 

– Conceptual calculations 

– 3D models of outer geometry – OML 

– Kinematics of the system 

– Definition of materials and manufacturing technology for individual components 

– Weight definition of individual components and weight & balance calculation 

2. Detailed Design

– Load definition and calculation 

– 3D models, 3D assemblies, 2D drawings – aircraft / VTOL / gyro / helicopter 

– 3D models and mold design for composite parts – wet layup / prepregs 

– Structure calculations – metallic and composite structure 

– Design and structure calculations of lightweight composite parts 

– Definition of standardized parts – hardware, buttons, locks, hinges 

– Technical reports – system descriptions, calculations 

3. Certification and Load Tests

– Compliance reports 

– Load test request & Load test reports 

– Verification of load test results and calculations 

– Design of test rigs for load tests 

4. Flight Tests

– Flight tests operations manual 

– Flight test campaign 

– Flight documents – release of flight, Risk analysis, Flight order, Flight test cards, Post flight report, Management and assessment of aircraft modifications 

– Flight test reports 

In addition to the activities mentioned above, our engineers are also working as external experts at companies holding DOA (Design Organisation Approval) in various positions: 

DE Design Engineer
CVE – Compliance Verification Engineer
HoD – Head of Design
FTE – Flight Test Engineer
TP – Test Pilot
FTM – Flight Test Mechanic 

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Christmas Greetings from the Future Vehicles team!

Visit of Young Scouts from Hlinsko

We strive to get young individuals interrested in aviation, the next generation of potential colleagues in this branch.

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Future Vehicles team wishes you a peaceful and merry Christmas.