Training in ISO GPS (Geometrical Product Specification)
Dimensional and geometric tolerances on drawings according to the latest ISO standards? That's piece of cake for our team.

We make a point of a professional approach when processing drawing documentation, and educating our team is always our top priority. Therefore, in December, we underwent an intensive two-day training led by Ing. Karel Petr, Ph.D., from the Czech Technical University in Prague. During the training, we clarified the specifications of geometric and dimensional tolerances on component and assembly drawings, primarily through discussions regarding our own drawings. We assess the training as beneficial and extend our thanks to Mr. Petr for his professional approach. If you’re interested in learning something new about proper drawing documentation, take a look at his website, which also includes a blog.

Rainy Legends of the Skies

Unfortunately, the weather did not favor this year’s inaugural Legends of the Skies air show. Nonetheless, we were very pleased to participate.

Třebihošt Fly-in

What is more than 2 Dingos? Visitors to this year’s Třebihošt Fly-in certainly know the answer. It’s 3 Dingos!

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