Dingo had its French premiere!
We set out with Dingo for the international exhibition of ultralight aircraft, held on the first weekend of September at the airport in Blois, a beautiful city situated along the famous Loire River in France.

No, we didn’t actually fly there, although we dearly wished we could. It would have required more than a few stopovers. Nevertheless, disassembling Dingo into a trailer is a piece of cake, and assembling it elsewhere is just as simple! So, we took three Dingos there: one for an aerial demonstration, another for a static display in its disassembled state for easy transport and hangaring, and a third in boxes, as a kit ready for a potential customer, who wasted no time and came with a very stylish pickup!

And how did the whole exhibition go? It was an incredibly intense three days for all of us, where we didn’t stop from morning till night, spending hours at the airport from dawn till dusk. Intense, but wonderful! We were among people who shared the same interest as us—aircraft! We are thrilled that Dingo was well received by all the visitors! During these three days, we conducted three demonstration flights, which our French colleague Nicolas and our test pilot Honza handled very responsibly. We distributed all the Czech beer, gained numerous interesting contacts with experts from our aviation industry, and showed everyone the long-forgotten romance of flying.

And what exhibitions are ahead of us? Next year, you can look forward to seeing our Dingos in the US! Thanks to our partners, Dingo will be showcased at both major events—the Sun ‚n Fun in Florida and the EAA Air Venture Oshkosh.

Would you like to know more about our journey to France and our time in Blois? In that case, check out the video from our colleague Roman.

Fourth Dingo in the Czech skies!

Have you ever dreamed of that incredible freedom of movement in three-dimensional space, the freedom to take off almost from a meadow behind your house?

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