The celebration of Children’s Day at Jaroměř!
The celebration of Children’s Day and the Open Day at the airport in Jaroměř have been inseparable for many years.

This year’s edition took place on Saturday, June 3, after a long 4-year break caused by the coronavirus pandemic. And we are very happy that we could contribute to the program of the whole event. We prepared two breathtaking performances for the visitors. The first one was the premiere group formation flight of our DINGO! Honza and Tomáš showed the excellent flight characteristics of the Dingo planes to the enthusiastic audience – maneuverability, short takeoff and landing, and minimum flight speed. Basically, everything a proper „bush“ aircraft should have!

The second performance, of course, featured our Extra 330 SC with Petr Jonáš, who demonstrated to the present audience what the Extra is capable of with several acrobatic maneuvers from the highest Unlimited category.

Video made by Stanislav Plášil is HERE.

Thank you for beautiful photos to Václav Pihera.

We thank the organizers for the amazing day and for their trust in our performances, which we highly appreciate, and we are already looking forward to the next year!


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Future Vehicles team wishes you a peaceful and merry Christmas.

Visit of Young Scouts from Hlinsko

We strive to get young individuals interrested in aviation, the next generation of potential colleagues in this branch.

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