A Look Back at Sun ‚n Fun – One More Time
A beautiful article was published in the German magazine Flügel, dedicated to this year’s 50th anniversary of the Sun 'n Fun exhibition in Florida.

The article covers the entire event, packed with various performances including fighter jets, stunning historical aircraft, and night glider acrobatics by an 80-year-old pilot!

The author also delves into several aircraft in more detail. We are extremely pleased that among all the exhibited machines, our elegant Dingo stood out to him so much that he dedicated half a page to it!

We are eagerly looking forward to the next airshow – Oshkosh! We will definitely bring you some highlights from there as well, because our Dingos will be there!

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Christmas Greetings from the Future Vehicles team!

Interviews with Lukáš

Following his debut in the highest, UNLIMITED category and especially after his successful performance at the European Championship, where he brought home historic team silver alongside Martin Šonka, our team colleague Lukáš Pařízek is incredibly busy.

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