South Moravian Cup in Aircraft Aerobatics
We are grateful for every opportunity to prepare for top competitions. As commonly used phrase says: “Practice makes perfect.

Last weekend in August, we participated in the first edition of the South Moravian Cup in aircraft aerobatics, held in the sun-soaked corner of our country, at the airport in Břeclav.

In the Advanced category, Honza and Jára engaged in an exciting battle for first place. Ultimately, Jára took the top spot, with Honza finishing closely behind in second place. Honza commented on the result saying, ‚Jára’s stronger plane suits him better; we’ll be a tough team at the European Championship next year!‘

Similarly intense was the competition in the Unlimited category between Lukáš and Petr. Here, Petr emerged victorious in first place.

Thanks to all the organizers for another fantastic race, and we look forward to the next editions!“

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Visit of Young Scouts from Hlinsko

We strive to get young individuals interrested in aviation, the next generation of potential colleagues in this branch.

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