Třebihošt Fly-in
What is more than 2 Dingos? Visitors to this year's Třebihošt Fly-in certainly know the answer. It's 3 Dingos!

Last year, our Dingo had its public premiere here and won the competition for the most beautiful airplane! This year, we returned to Třebihošt and showcased to all the enthusiastic spectators from the general public a formation flight of 3 of our unique aircraft. We had been preparing for the performance diligently for a long time, and our 3 colleagues—Honza, leader of the formation with Tomáš and Nicolas on either side—presented a magnificent show, even with smoke effects.

Other highlights of the program in which we participated included breathtaking aerobatic performances by 2 of our team colleagues, Petr Jonáš with our Extra 330SC, and Jára Čihák. Petr has been flying in the highest Unlimited category since this year, and Jára is a multiple-time champion of the Czech Republic in the Advanced category.

Also worth mentioning is the performance of our colleague Honza Rohánek, who delivered a spectacular show with his large-scale model of the Extra 330.

Visitors could also witness the aerobatics of the legendary Czech aircraft Zlín Z-50, parachute jumps from the AN-2 „Andula,“ where there was even the opportunity to purchase a sightseeing flight, and much more.

In short, it was a successful event where every aircraft enthusiast, had a great time, concluding with an autograph session by our team and a successful after party.

And if you couldn’t be present at the event, you can at least take a look at the beautiful photo album. Or you can wait for the next edition. We’ll be looking forward to it!

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Visit of Young Scouts from Hlinsko

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